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AnimeKisa- Anime Streaming Site │ 10+ Best Alternatives Sites like AnimeKisa

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Animekisa is described as ‘Stream your anime online in high quality, watch anime online in English dubbed + subbed. Anime kisa offer to watch online anime without paying, registering. Just come and enjoy your anime and use tons of great features’ and is an website in the Video & Movies category.

There are more than 15 alternatives to animekisa, not only websites but also apps for a variety of platforms, including Android, Windows, iPhone and iPad.

AnimeKisaThe best alternative is Netflix. It’s not free, so if you’re looking for a free alternative, you could try Popcorn Time or Crunchyroll. You May Also Like 123movies new sites.

Watch Anime Online With Animekisa

AnimeKisa is a platform where you can search for and watch anime for free. AnimeKisa doesn’t download/upload/distribute any videos, rather uses spiders to crawl the internet for third-party players that already host the files. Pretty much the same thing Google does, but focused only on anime while using a “library style” UI.  Click Here to watch tv series online free full episodes without downloading

15 Best Animekisa Alternatives to Watch Animes Online Free


Gogoanime If you have a good level in English and the subtitles in this language do not bother you then you are on the right site like Animekisa. GogoAnime is arguably the first site in its category. It offers streaming animes for free and without registration in original version) and subtitled in English.

This site is very popular and its anime fan community can be found in all corners of the globe. For the quality the site is very well organized and well updated. We rarely find dead links and Streaming servers are numerous.

If you are in the process of learning English it is very useful for improving yourself while watching your favorite anime. For anime fans who have successfully learned Japanese will find this site a real gold mine to finally watch the original versions of the anime without subtitles.

9anime is arguably one of the most complete Anime Streaming sites around. 9anime is the perfect site for those who want to watch streaming anime in original Japanese version without subtitles or with English subtitles. This site is absolutely one of the few sites that covers the biggest anime in its entirety from the first episode to the last.

This free anime streaming site has a huge library at your disposal. Impossible not to find your favorite anime. 9animes also uses Streaming servers like VidStream and StreamTape and the quality of the videos is very good.

We like the overall theme in Black and the good organization of the seasons and episodes. 9Anime is a Free Anime Streaming site that deserves to be your Top Favorites.

Kissanime (Sites like Animekisa) (or You cannot list the anime sites in the world without mentioning Kissanime. True anime fans, no doubt, already know him. Kissanime is a free site that has a huge collection of anime. You can find whole animes in original version or with English subtitles. Unfortunately Kissanime does not offer any content in French and that is why it is not popular enough in French speaking countries.

You can register, but it is still possible to watch animes without registration. We like the “Trending” section, which cannot be found on other sites, it gives you a little idea of what’s going on in the fan community. Take advantage of this site because it is a real gold mine!

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Anime-ultimate A very interesting site that offers both Streaming and Downloading Anime for free in VF and VOSTFR. The site is quite popular with almost 100,000 registered members like Animekisa. Anime-ultimate has a huge anime database with over 35,000 files available and over 132,000,000 total downloads with 40,000 hours of streaming. A large community of users support the site and a 1600 member Discord Room chat room is available, you can join this community right away and make new friends.

The site does not display too many ads and the navigation speed between the pages is quite good, the site is well organized despite the small size of the text. You can choose from the start Download or Stream which is very convenient.

The design is well done with a unique style. You can go over and connect to the forum offered by the site. Anime-ultimate is arguably one of the best sites to stream and download anime in VF and VOSTFR. If you love anime you should definitely check it out!

Netflix Don’t be surprised to see Netflix in this selection of anime sites. Netflix offers you quality anime content even if its catalog is not very complete. The Netflix platform offers you exclusives. Since it is a paid platform, there are several types of subscriptions depending on your preferences.

Netflix remains the world leader in Series Streaming and brings you sci-fi anime called mecha anime. We also find that Netflix itself produces animes like The Seven Deadly Sin and Knights of Sidonia. Perhaps the advantage of subscribing to a Netflix account is access to the entire catalog.

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Animedao is one of the best anime sites in VF and VOSTFR. Animedao as the name suggests offers you streaming anime in its entirety. The Animedaoe team announced a few months ago that there will be no more POPUPS on the site. We can clearly see the difference and the comfort of navigation between the pages.

The site is very well done and above all very well organized. The video quality is very good and the built-in player is robust and very fast. The Animedao team may need some support from you to keep working on this great site. Don’t hesitate to visit Full-anime and don’t forget to follow their page on Facebook!

Otakufr is one of the most popular sites for Streaming Anime in VF and VOSTFR. You will surely love Otakufr because it is a free site with no registration. the design is very well done and you don’t notice too much advertising.

The site is easy to use, we like the alphabetical filter and the main menu with the filters (current, popular, finished, movies, vf and manga games). It’s always a great pleasure to see updates first. Otakufr has grown in popularity a lot and its Alexa rank is # 35,700 which is very high for a site that offers Anime Streaming. Otakufr will find a place in your manga favorites in VF and VOSTFR.

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Voiranime Another site to watch animes for free in VF and VOSTFR. The site provides you with very good quality videos, most of the episodes are in HD. Unfortunately it displays a lot of ads on the home page and you get the feeling of getting lost at the start of the visit. For research you can use the main menu to find new products or use the filter by categories.

You can also do searches only in French or French, which is very practical for those who want to keep the Japanese voice. In terms of design we can say that the site has made a lot of improvements and the theme is much better than before. For the browsing speed, it is acceptable given the number of advertisements to be loaded on the page. Voiranime has grown in popularity a lot in recent months and still remains a reliable source to watch HD anime for free.

Gum-Gum-streaming The site is quite popular with anime fans and you will surely find what you are looking for. The interface is simple to use just one menu to access all options, It offers VF version and VOSTFR version.

A shop is available if you want to go a step further and pick up props from your favorite anime. Unfortunately the site is not completely free and offers you a subscription with the paid site ADN to watch some animes. The chat box is very active by members and you can make new friends.

Regarding the search Gum-Gum provides you with an alphabetical filter for each section, for example you can search for a movie and find it easily. The site is fast, advertising is not above average and navigation remains pleasant. Visit this site you will not be disappointed.

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Adkami is a site that not only offers free anime in VF and VOSTFR but also plenty of series. Adkami will undoubtedly become one of your favorites. This is a very well done site with a large number of users who support the site with their contributions (review, rating…). The design is well done we do not notice any ads on the home page. The site offers you several sections to help you choose your next anime.

These sections include latest reviews, weekly top, latest news, latest animes, animes of the week and many more. The site is up to date we notice the display of all the news directly first. For those who like to exchange a chat box is available as well as a Chat Room Discord with over 4000 members. Take a look at Adkami you will love this site!

Jetanimes Another anime site in VF and VOSTFR that will interest you and maybe become one of your favorites! The design of the site is very well done and very well organized. You will immediately notice that the dark theme of the site is much more comfortable for navigation between pages.

Regarding the search Jetanime provides you with several search tools, the search filter by year is very practical if you are looking for a fairly old anime whose title has been forgotten. But the most effective search tool is the alphabetical filter at the top of the page that will help you tidy up your searches from the start.

You can also use the genre classification if you want to discover a new series. For a free site the ad run is pretty reasonable and it doesn’t take long to get access to your episodes just a link or two and go! Browsing and streaming is fast, no registrations to start watching. Jetanimes is surely a site that has a lot to offer and is going to become more and more popular. Bookmark this site you are going to need it.

voiranime1 is one of the most popular VF and Vostfr Streaming anime sites. Do not confuse this site with (above) as it is a whole different site with a different manga library. This site offers very good streaming quality. Remember to choose a free server like mystream or Uqload for free streaming.

Voiranime1 provides you with several research tools. Among these tools are: a filter in alphabetical order, a filter by years, a filter by genre and a search bar to find your favorite anime without wasting time. We like the black theme of the site and its well-detailed and successful animation organization. Voiranime1 will undoubtedly become the first anime site in VF and VOSTFR!

VostAnimes Finally a free anime streaming site that shows classics. VostAnimes is a site that brings together animes of all generations. You can find great classics like Dragon Quest or Cobra. It is also one of the few anime sites that offers to watch anime streamed on Netflix.

You will be able to choose between VF and VOSTFR and also choose between series and movies. For research, this site provides you with several filters directly from the main menu. You can find your favorite anime using the search bar, filters or directly find it on the home page.

The site is quite nice but unfortunately displays a lot of ads and does not work with an AdBlock activated. VostAnimes is an anime site that has a lot to offer and is sure to be a hit with you.

Stream-VF is a site that offers streaming anime episodes in VF and VOSTFR. It is a very active site that does not lag behind to disseminate news. For those who like to watch One Piece in VOSTFR Streaming, this is the best site.

You are going to find a complete list of this gigantic anime from the first episode to the last. Stream-VF is a site that does not display too many ads and its Streaming player is very fast with good quality videos.

Unfortunately this site only covers the most popular anime like One Piece, Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan and a few others.

But you have to remember that most sites don’t cover all episodes of an entire anime, and you have to switch sites to find an episode. With Stream-VF no need to change sites especially for One Piece which has exceeded 800 episodes!


Anime-vf Is a very interesting free site which also offers you the possibility to watch manga in VF and VOSTFR. With a very simple interface you will find what you are looking for straight away.

The site is fast, not a lot of ads to watch to start watching an anime. This site is very convenient to watch your favorite manga for free. Anime-VF offers several search tools to help you find your anime, not search genre in alphabetical order.

It is very rare to find a homepage of an anime site without ads which makes the search for your anime easier and above all faster, once your anime is found the ad launches when viewing the video which is normal for a site that offers free service. A shop is available for those who want to go further and pick up T-shirts, figures, accessories and more.

Animekisa- Best Anime Streaming Site

Anime is the genuine source of entertainment and there are lots of source to watch out. If animekisa is not work the go with 9anime, 4anime or gogoanime.

As in the golden age of era we have uncounted list or alternatives of Anime Streaming websites. More Update on iTechBook.

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