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Best 10 ESPNcricinfo Alternatives to Get Live Cricket Scores, News & Videos in 2023

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ESPNcricinfo gives you a seamless experience with one of the widest coverage in the world. It ensures you keep track of total statistics along with ball-by-ball comments in all languages. During the match, if you want to watch the live broadcast on a big screen, it will offer to connect the app with a PC via Screen Mirroring and Bluetooth. It contains attractive and non-complex graphics to analyse the game containing the name of the batter and the bowler with their career specifications.

ESPNcricinfo is a cricket score centered sites that give the live scores of the homegrown and worldwide cricket matches. It is an absolutely free site that can be access from any region of the planet. This cricket explicit site is recorded among the top single spot cricket site on the planet. For its shocking elements and capacities, ESPNcricinfo is day by day visited in huge numbers of guests on everyday schedule.


The claim to fame of ESPNcricinfo is that it conveys the cricket information on all sheets, live ball by ball score and inclusion, and articles over the cricket by the main cricket of the masters. The other best thing about ESPNcricinfo is that it additionally gives the itemized insights of the very nearly 3,000 worldwide cricket players and right around 50,000 five star cricketers of the world. You will consistently discover from here the best data in the cricket. The free live score gadget of ESPNcricinfo is additionally accessible for the people who need to install the live cricket scores framework in their site. Also Read- Streameast Alternatives

One claim to fame of ESPNcricinfo concerning which still the vast majority of its guests are unconscious is its shopping entry that arrangements in the frill in regards to cricket. Web based shopping framework with the best installment and shipment framework is being presented by the ESPNcricinfo. So, ESPNcricinfo is one of the most outstanding cricket explicit site from where you can get all data about cricket and ball by ball live inclusion of continuous matches either global or homegrown one.

ESPNcricinfo allows you to get game updates in written form in all languages, found at the bottom of the website as a summary. You can see the performance of your team with the help graphs according to the execution rate above and also predict the future score against it. It gives you the opportunity to know the team’s calendar with its game destination, date and time, also with terrain specifications such as the shortest and longest limit. Watch Cricket Online With CricFree

Top 10 Sites Like ESPNcricinfo To Watch ICC T20 World Cup Online Free

Best FREE Cricket Scorer

Best Cricket Scorer FREE is a feature-rich sports news app that allows the user to view the full updates on all the cricket matches from around the world. Through this app, the user can see the score of his beloved cricket team in fully updated graphics and layout. It also provides total information about a match such as Total Extras, Total Target, along with the required execution rate for over and many more.

The exciting thing about this application is that the user can observe the performance of the hitters and pitchers from ball to ball, which is present in written form at the end of the website. Users can also use this app in their schools or college tournaments to track score or additional updates. You don’t need to make a manual schedule for the teams because you can organize the game however you want, which is kind of adorable. Users can also save the record about the Man of the Tournament and most Wicket Taker along with the player’s name and match number.

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STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer

STUMPS – The Cricket Scorer is an application that is designed to keep you updated on the score of cricket matches. You can follow it to see the stats along with the player’s name and their order through colorful and attractive layouts. It has some cool key features like watching your team and players perform without any lag. It provides you with all the information, from the launch to the closing ceremony, on a single platform.

STUMPS: The Cricket Scorer convinces you to watch the highlights of a match lost due to your busy routine without compromising on quality. You can also broadcast the gameplay of a specific player as highlights through a tap on the name in the scoreboard. It is a personalized application that allows you to create your own game with friends and record the statistics with it. If you don’t have any technical knowledge or a new user, you can operate it without any problem due to its simple interface and inventory.


CricLine is an application that is designed to get live cricket match score updates without changing any tabs. You can use it during big events like the World Cup to track the scorecard, shortlisted team player, match schedule, date, location and time. It gives you the opportunity to view the score in split screen or in the form of widgets on the lock screen. Through this, you can observe the win-loss percentage along with the foul rate per team.

One of the main functions of CricLine is that it allows you to connect it with your TV and PC to get the gaming experience on a big screen. It provides you with information about the playgrounds, such as the shortest and longest boundary parameter, along with the entry and exit paths. You can also share the score as an image on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram without any hassle.

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LIVE Cricket Scores CricSmith

Cricket Scores LIVE CricSmith is a feature-rich application for displaying live and past match statistics. It offers you to experience the live scores, news and other information from Toss to the closing ceremony. Through this app, you can see the win-loss percentage along with the score difference. It ensures you predict the future score in the form of graphs with the help of comparison with the current score rate.

The main function of Cricket Scores LIVE CricSmith is that you can send an alert in the form of notification of falling grounds, half a century and limits. It persuades you to connect it with TV and PC without any external application. With this application, you can keep track of the schedule of International T20, Test, ODI and many more. If you’ve missed a match due to your busy routine, you can see the highlights in each quality without any technical errors. HesGoal Alternatives

Cricket Line Guru

Cricket Line Guru is an application specially designed for cricket fans to track their teams’ scores. Covers all ODI international test matches, T20, women’s national matches and world leagues. It offers many functions like total teams along with its shortlisted players and also provides information about its coaches and substitute players. You can see the full schedule of your teams along with the destination, date and time of the match.

During a match, Cricket Line Guru assures you about scoring updates with the name of the bowler and batsman and their career specification, which is not provided by the other platforms. If you don’t want to keep the window open, it also makes it easy for you to create a widget to help you continue your broadcast by changing the tab. The notable feature is that you can listen to the live commentary in all languages ​​without installing any third-party app.

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Cricket Exchange

Cricket Exchange offers you the opportunity to analyze cricket scores and statistics in an ultra-fast way. It allows you to watch the online broadcast of the match along with the commentary in all languages. It is affiliated with all the leagues that have national and international matches that are played around the world. You can view the statistics in the form of attractive layouts along with the total runs per inning and the required score for more. It also allows you to watch the live stream in all qualities such as 720, 1080 and 4K HD without any hassle.

Cricket Exchange ensures that the audience exports the score updates in the form of URLs to other popular social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This platform also provides many other features, such as a total squad with coaches and their substitute players, and field scoring patterns, such as the shortest and longest limit. Also Check- NFL Bite Alternatives


ICC provides cricket fans with a classic and trusted platform to gain insight into everything related to the field of cricket. Integrate matches, results, videos, news and many more associated with international men’s and women’s teams. It shows the rankings of the players on your website, based on their performance each year. As a result, their promotions are carried out nationally and internationally. During the match, you can watch the live stream in all qualities such as 720p, 1080 and 4K HD without buffering.

ICC lets you know all the news regarding equipment and management. You can see the schedule of your beloved team with a series of matches in foreign countries. During the practice session, he provides expert guidance and terrain specifications, including throwing behavior that helps predict the maximum score. Through this platform, you can listen to the comments in all languages ​​of your favorite commentator. It convinces you to watch the Man of the Match performance video without compromising quality.

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Cricket Scoring app

The Cricket Scoring App is one of the legitimate apps for cricket fans that gives you full match updates beyond any lag. Keeps you updated on your favorite player’s ball-to-ball performance with their team name and order. You can create widgets on your lock screen that give you the opportunity to observe the score without opening your device.

For personal use, it has a function that allows you to organize your own tournament and keep track of the score of each match through it. One of the notable features is that it persuades you to design your own profile with your cricket stats and export it to the social media websites Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can analyze yourself through your execution rate above and charts. With the help of screen mirroring, it allows you to see your partner on a big screen.

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ScoreCam is an application that allows you to make a video of your match and save game statistics. It offers one of the easy ways to perform multiple functions at the same time without using any third party application, such as recording the game like in the sportscast and sharing it with your friends and family on the social media sites. You can also add the scorecard with the performance difference of both teams in the form of tables and graphs.

ScoreCam persuades recorded video to save it to your gallery as a separate folder so that in the future you can locate your video without wasting hours. From its Hot camera, you can take photos and also edit these photos with its advanced editing tools that improve brightness, saturation, and click exposure. It allows you to use it as a live broadcast of your school, college and university tournament matches.

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Cricbuzz is one of the most viewed online score update apps for the cricket community that allows you to track the score in a single window. You can get ball-to-ball updates with no lag due to its fast hosting engines. One of the cool features is that you can see the win-loss percentage along with the team names. It provides you with all the information from the launch to the closing ceremony with the player of the match.

Cricbuzz provides game updates in written form, found at the bottom of the home page. It integrates the written form in other languages, which is a remarkable feature and is not present in other applications. If you are not interested in getting updates, you can view the live stream as a widget on your phone’s home screen. It ensures you get knowledge about all league and tournament matches with dates, location and time.

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