How to solve WiFi does not work in Windows 10

Problems with WiFi can easily end our patience and also pose a problem because we need the Internet at all times in our current reality. In the case of Windows 10, some problems have been occurring on a regular basis that the Redmond-based firm has ended up solving in one way or another. However, we may also encounter other problems. If WiFi doesn’t work in Windows 10, you can always try this list of possible solutions.

First of all, we invite you to visit the WiFi tutorials section. There you will find help manuals, tips and tricks related to wireless networks. In any case, we will always bear in mind that it is difficult to obtain 100% of the contracted speed with a wired connection. The quality of the equipment, its configuration at the software level, the location within the home of the elements or the network saturation, plays a key role in the operation.

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WiFi doesn’t work in Windows 10

Without further delay, we will review some cases where WiFi does not work and we will see the possible solutions in that specific case.

WiFi is connected, but we don’t have internet connection

On some occasions, Windows 10 may indicate that we are connected, but in reality not being able to browse the Internet. This may be caused by a problem with assigning an IP address or DNS. To do this, in Configuration→ Update and Security→ Solve Problems, click on “Internet connections. Find and fix problems with connecting to the Internet or to websites. ”

If that does not work, we can use the CMD or Command Prompt to test with some commands. In this case, we will press with the right button on Start; we will look for it in Crotona or with the key combination of Windows + X. In any of these ways we will be able to access this terminal.

Once inside, we will write the following commands with an intro after each one:

  • netsh winsock reset
  • ipconfig / release
  • netsh int ip reset
  • ipconfig / renew
  • ipconfig / flushdns

Windows 10 does not connect to WiFi

Another problem we may have is that we cannot directly connect to the WiFi network. There are different solutions, but a drastic one that usually works is to uninstall the wireless network card driver to let Windows 10 reinstall it automatically.

We will achieve this by following these steps:

  • Windows key + X to access Device Manager
  • Display the category Network adapters
  • Find the WiFi or wireless adapter and right click on “Uninstall the device”
  • Restart the computer so that Windows 10 detects the hardware and reconfigures it

WiFi does not have a valid IP address

We can find the error “WiFi does not have a valid IP configuration” that prevents the Internet connection. We can follow several steps, such as restarting the PC and restarting the router to check that everything is working normally again. Otherwise, we can disable and re-enable the network adapter as in the previous step in Control Panel→ Device Manager and Network Adapters.

Finally, as in the first section, we can use the Windows Internet connection troubleshooter, which we can also quickly access by typing the command: msdt.exe -id Network Diagnostics Web in the CMD or command prompt.

Other commands that can help us are: ipconfig / release, to release the IP, and ipconfig / renew, to renew it. Finally, we can repair the WiFi connection by resetting Windows Sockets with the netsh Winsock reset command.

Recover WiFi password in Windows 10

If we have a new router or our operator has changed it for any reason, we will always modify the default WiFi password for more security. However, at some point we may forget this password and have to use it to connect another device to the network, such as a laptop, a mobile phone or a tablet.

Luckily, Windows 10 allows us to recover the WiFi password by following these steps:

  • Control Panel→ Network and Sharing Center
  • Right click on WiFi connection
  • Wireless Properties
  • In the security tab check the box “Show characters”
  • Recover the password from the text box “Network security key”

The WiFi connection is disconnected at times

If this isn’t due to a poor signal or a hardware problem, it’s possible that the power saving features is playing tricks on you. To do this, we will have to disable some of these options. The steps to follow are:

  • Windows key + X to access Device Manager
  • Display the category Network adapters
  • Find the WiFi or wireless adapter and right click on “Properties”
  • Activate the “Power Management” tab
  • Uncheck the box “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”

Final Word

If the firewall prevents the correct connection to the Internet, we can use the netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off command from the CMD or Command Prompt as administrator. That all, now you can solve the problem WiFi doesn’t work in Windows 10. Keep visiting our site for new the tech update.

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