Best TV Streaming Apps Like Mobdro To Watch TV Shows Online Free in 2023

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Mobdro was once one of the best free live TV and video on demand streaming apps in the world. Unfortunately, the streaming service disappeared on air in early 2021 without any official announcement from its developers. This movement has pushed users to look for alternatives that quench their thirst for free content.


If you are still looking for the best Mobdro alternatives, then you are in luck because in this article, we are listing the best TV apps like Mobdro that you can get.

About Mobdro Apps

Although there has been no official word from the developers as to why they abruptly shut down Mobdro, the cessation points in only one direction, and that is copyright issues. It’s no secret that the service distributes copyrighted titles from different production companies with no clear indication of how they were able to legitimately do so.

The service is also completely free, which, while not always true, is a red flag for a website that offers the latest episodes and shows. These rumours are backed up by a copyright complaint to Google containing different domains that Mobdro used over the years. The complaint is dated just a few months before Mobdro’s disappearance.

This is not the first time that a fairly large streaming platform has been broken in relation to copyright. Showbox, a well-known free movie app, met a similar fate after being banned in many countries due to pressure from movie studios with claims of copyright violations.

Although Showbox has since jumped into different domains, it never really got back on its feet. Unfortunately, we are seeing the same trend for Mobdro.

Top 10 Mobdro Alternatives To Watch Movies And TV Shows Online Free

Fortunately, there are now many Mobdro alternatives that are completely legal. Some production companies and networks would offer a free on-demand service to keep their subscribers updated on their latest shows. Other free-to-use streaming platforms also sign deals with production houses to distribute their shows and movies. They often have advertising so they can keep their business. Below are some of the best apps like Mobdro, except they are all legal.

Peacock TV

Peacock TV is our top pick for the best app that can replace Mobdro. Their collection is huge, from news shows and live sporting events to TV comedies and dramas. With just an email, you can sign up for the service and enjoy thousands of hours of free on-demand TV.

Some of the TV shows that you can enjoy are Downton Abbey, Chicago PD, 30Rock and Suit. There are also entertainment shows and current events like Fallon Tonight, NBC Sports, NBC News, and Dateline 24/7. Add to that a library of movies (new and classic) from major Hollywood studios that you can binge-watch, like Back to the Future, The Hobbit, Seven, and popular comfort flicks like Notting Hill, The Proposal, and Eternal Sunshine.

Peacock TV’s free plan will have ads in between. Some programs may also have display limitations. To access everything from peacock tv, you can opt for Peacock TV Premium (ad-supported) or Peacock TV Premium Plus (ad-free).

Tubi TV

You can’t run out of great titles to watch on Tubi TV, thanks to its partnership with major studios. This Mobdro alternative has Warner Bros., Paramount, Lionsgate, and MGM on its back, which equates to thousands of hours of streaming great content.

Some of the most viewed titles on the platform are Prison Girls, Zulu, The Cosmic Secret and Plug Love. Aside from Hollywood movies, they also offer TV dramas, stand-up comedy series, reality shows, and even Bollywood hits.

Content aside, tubi tv’s compatibility with different devices is what makes it one of the best Mobdro alternatives. In addition to mobile devices, it allows you to bring your watchlist to select game consoles, smart TVs, fireTV, and Chromecast. Since you will be watching it for free, Tubi TV content will be ad-supported to monetize its partner studios.

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Pluto TV

It is impossible not to come across Pluto TV if you search for Mobdro alternatives on the Internet; that’s because it’s a popular app for cable cutters. Frankly, it is wrong to simply call it an alternative as it is much better than Mobdro in all aspects. Pluto TV is owned by Vivacom CBS, which owns Paramount, Nickelodeon, and The CW, so expect its library to be a meaty one.

For live television, it has partnered with hundreds of channels that are separated into news, entertainment, sports, reality, kids, and classic television. Some of the most popular channels to watch are CBS, CNN, NBC, MTV, Fox Sports, NFL, and Nick to name a few. For the on-demand service, it has some of the best titles like 007, Star Trek, and Titanic.

You don’t even have to sign up to start watching Pluto TV for free, though you’ll need it if you want to sync your watchlist across devices. In exchange for letting you watch for free, Pluto TV plays ads before and between broadcasts.


This may come as a surprise to you, but IMDb, the movie database and review site, also has an online streaming service where you can watch movies and shows in their entirety, not just trailers. In exchange for watching ads, IMDb TV lets you watch premium movies and TV shows without the need for a subscription.

Blockbuster movies comprise a large part of its library, but it also has its fair share of great TV shows to watch; therefore, a good alternative to Mobdro. White Collar, Chicago Fire, Perry Mason, and Kitchen Nightmares are just a few of the most popular TV shows on the platform. It also has a good collection of originals like Leverage: Redemption, Judy Justice, and Pretty Hard Cases.

In addition to the mobile app, IMDb TV is also available in your browser through the Amazon website or the IMDb TV channel through Prime Video. As long as you have an Amazon account (no Prime membership needed), you’ll be able to start streaming IMDb TV right away.

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You may be missing out on great movies and TV shows if you haven’t tried Crackle yet. It is a free Mobdro alternative, so there is no point in delaying your experience with it. Admittedly, it doesn’t have the most popular programming and movies, but it’s a one-stop place to find binge-worthy titles that fell off the radar.

There are over a thousand titles in Crackle’s library, which means choosing a movie or show to watch can be difficult. Fortunately, Crackle allows you to filter genres to find a title that you can add to your watchlist. Some of our recommendations would be The Switch (Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman), Paddington, Traffik, COG and The Machine.

Sling TV Free

Although Sling TV has a treasure trove of great movies, from action thrillers to romantic comedies, it is more dedicated to providing a free on-demand TV experience for its users. If you like to immerse yourself in current events, you’ll be happy to know that Sling TV offers real-time simulcasts of news shows from networks like CBS and ABC News. Its library also has its fair share of entertainment, thanks to its partner channels like ET and Discovery.

Of course, Sling TV Free wouldn’t land on this list of Mobdro alternatives if it didn’t have TV shows that appeal to you. Some of the favorite titles that you can watch at your own pace are Sea Patrol, Heartland, Grounded Life, and Rick and Morty. It also has some cult classics like The Adventures of Jim Bowie and The Saint.

Registration is optional on Sling TV Free unless you want to purchase a pay-per-view event or rent movies. Alternatively, you can upgrade to a paid subscription to access everything from Sling, including live NFL and Premier League sporting events.


Vudu, Walmart’s streaming platform, is also now letting you watch select TV shows and movies for free after its merger with FandangoNow. This move effectively makes it one of the best Mobdro alternatives. Titles that can be streamed for free on Vudu were inserted with ads for a common reason, monetization.

There are plenty of top-rated American movies and TV shows that you can watch on Vudu Free, ranging from comedy, young adult titles, action, and mystery. If you haven’t tried Vudu yet, you can easily identify free titles by going to the “Free” movies and shows tab or looking for titles labeled “Free with Ads.” For users who previously had a FandangoNow account, you can still use your old Vudu login credential. Otherwise, create an account using Facebook or Walmart.

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Xumo, Comcast’s over-the-top Internet TV service, also has something to offer people looking for Mobdro alternatives. Its content is divided into different categories, with TV & Movies and Sports being the most important. You have to follow their regularly scheduled schedule to watch the shows you like; however, most of the time it is not a live stream and is different from what you get through the cable service. Regardless, it’s still a great way to stay up-to-date on the shows you’re following, even when you’re not near your TV.

Xumo has some national and local news shows on its banner, including ABC News Live, USA Today, and NBC News Now. For TV and movies, it has a channel dedicated to science fiction and fantasy, action, American classics, documentaries, and even Bollywood. For sports, you can watch Fox Sports, Sports Wire, and Impact Wrestling to name a few. Xumo also has limited on-demand content, such as short clips from shows and movies.

Airy TV

Airy TV is almost like a cable TV service, except it streams shows over the Internet and you pay nothing. This cloud-based Mobdro alternative has over 50 partner channels that provide entertainment 24/7 wherever you are through news shows, sports, and movies. All you need is the app or a browser and you’re set up to watch live show simulcasts.

However, the biggest deciding factor of Airy TV is that it does not have an on-demand service. This means that, just like on a regular TV, there is no repeat when you miss a show you’re following. Also, Airy TV features mostly local channels that have weird programming. Hopefully Airy TV can introduce more mainstream channels in the long run.


As the largest video sharing platform, it should come as no surprise to see YouTube on this list. Apart from amateur videos, the platform also hosts content created by well-established creators and even TV networks. For live programming, you’ll find news shows and sporting events simulcast on TV and YouTube; all you have to do is search for them in the live section of YouTube. Alternatively, you can go to the YouTube channel of the shows or shows you’re following to occasionally catch up on their uploads.

Of course, there are no movies or TV series on the free version of YouTube. That said, you can activate YouTube Premium to get exclusive and original content along with an ad-free experience.

End Liner: Mobdro Alternatives

Mobdro has helped many kill time by watching movies and TV for free, but it has had its day. Hopefully, the apps like Mobdro on this list can live up to your expectations of what a free TV app should be. Obviously, they have access limitations and number of titles. If you want more freedom over what and how you watch, you can opt for a premium streaming app like Netflix and Disney Plus. They are ad-free and have lots of originals on sale. If you’re eligible, you can even get them for free!

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