Best MP3 Download Sites MP3juice Alternatives in 2023

MP3juice has quickly become one of the largest MP3 download sites in the world.

The site, created in the United States, offers miles of free MP3, and combines that functionality with YouTube videos. That could represent a whole new generation of MP3 download sites, especially considering that more and more YouTube to MP3 sites are starting to emerge.


Worldwide, MP3juice is about to enter the Top 1,000. Recently, MP3juices began to surpass 60 million monthly visits. That huge volume of visits could be driven by an interface that combines a YouTube viewer with a simple MP3 download method. That’s somewhat similar to what Youtube MP3 is doing, except that MP3juice brings a different experience to one site. These guys obviously provide a ton of downloads. And they are also making huge amounts of money, judging by the amount of advertisements on the site. Also Check- How to Upload Music to Amazon Music

Best MP3 Music Download Sites Like MP3juice

Zing MP3

You may have never heard of Zing MP3. But it is the ninth largest site in Vietnam, and the fourth largest music download site in the world. It gets more than 60 million visits a month, according to SimilarWeb.

Unsurprisingly, Zing is geared toward audiences located in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. But there are also songs from the United States.

In fact, Zing, which is found in, combines videos, lyrics and downloads in the same interface. This site is becoming a growing trend among MP3 download sites, as this type of interface is gaining more and more popularity. Free Movie Websites

As the name indicates (“convert to mp3”), this page converts videos into downloads. The site is like Youtube MP3, but it also allows users to search for content directly on its page.

It seems that this mock formula works perfectly for this German site. According to SimilarWeb, attracts more than 80 million monthly visitors. It is one of the 50 best sites in Germany, and is in the top 500 sites in the world. That makes it one of the largest MP3 download sites in the world, having thousands of conversions on a daily basis.

Until now, has been operating low-key. As far as we know, the site has not been taken down yet. In fact, closing YouTube MP3 could give you an advantage. We’ll see what happens.

Also Check- F2movied Site Review is one of the fastest growing mp3 download sites on the internet. The site is reaching 27 million monthly visitors. By the end of the year, that volume is likely to exceed 50 million a month. In terms of growth, is meteoric. Surprisingly, the site made its appearance in July, and has grown more than 50% each month. This site was created in India, so it offers a mix of western pop and Bollywood music. allows high-speed downloads in the United States and other countries. The site, which focuses primarily on free MP3s, requires DMCA protection.


It is also a Vietnamese download site for downloading MP3s, and it focuses on localized content. Sure, Western and European content is available, making it possible to find pop hits like Beyoncé. But NCT, at, is restricting downloads of much of that material. Or even avoiding video playback.

Those restrictions are limiting NCT’s reach. According to SimilarWeb, NCT, it is the 14th largest site in Vietnam, and is in the Top 1,000 sites globally.

Overall, NCT attracts more than 30 million visitors globally, according to SimilarWeb. Hurawatch Alternatives


MP3XD is one of the 50 largest sites in Mexico, and one of the top 1,000 sites in the world. According to SimilarWeb, MP3XD attracts 30 million visitors per month.

The site offers free MP3 downloads for almost any song, prioritizing Mexican and Latin music. But they also offer the best hits, ranging from Drake to Kaskade. And MP3XD tries to make all MP3 downloads anonymous. As expected, MP3 gets much of its traffic from Mexico. But it also attracts many visitors from Spain, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

This Russian download site offers a wide range of free content. That includes music, with a huge list of popular songs ready for download. In fact, it is easily one of the largest free music download sites in Russia and Eastern Europe.

In terms of traffic, is easily surpassing 30 million visitors per month, according to SimilarWeb. That makes it the 80th top site in Russia, although the site has disabled all downloads in the United States. This indicates a recent disablement, or at least a preventive movement. It seems that someone came suspiciously, and that could affect Zaycev’s chances of beating bigger competitors like MP3juices. Similarly, it is still an MP3 download giant, having a world ranking of over 1,100.


As the owner admitted on Facebook, most ISPs have blocked access to MP3Clan ( Even so, the main website continues to attract millions of visitors. And like BeeMP3, it has a search engine. Just put in the song or album you’re looking for, and ClanMP3 does the rest.

MP3Clan provides direct links to content that infringes copyright, including recent albums like Taylor Swift’s Reputation and Pink’s Beautiful Trauma. However, site administrators admit that not all links would work.


Instead of providing a main site for albums hosted on storage sites, freeMp3 does something different. You will find a search engine with links to the best MP3 download sites for the song of your choice. Just type in the song title, and freeMP3 takes care of the rest.

The website registers more than thirteen million visits per month, a huge leap over the competition. The website has attracted huge traffic from the UK and the US.


Speaking of free download sites, RnBXclusive ( has grown so much that it has caught the attention of the RIAA. 8.4 million visitors have entered and its previous domain,

RnBXclusive focuses more on R&B and Hip-Hop albums and songs. Provides download links on Zippyshare, uploaded, and other popular content upload sites.

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Mr. Jatt

Mr. Jatt ( is an MP3 download site specializing in Punjabi songs. It is easily one of the largest music venues in that area, and it is growing rapidly. According to figures from SimilarWeb, Mr. Katt is rapidly reaching 30 million visitors on a monthly basis. It is also ranked as one of the 75 largest sites in India.

As would be expected, much of Mr. Jatt’s traffic comes from India and Pakistan, followed by a small volume from the United States and the United Kingdom.

Final Word

As we have described in this guide, Mp3 Juice is one of the best music apps available as there are so many options and a lot of music available throughout the app. Thousands of people from various areas of the world are using this software due to the ease of use.

As we have described in the previous part of this tutorial, the only downside to the software is that the consumer can often face lack of availability when it comes to searching for music.

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