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Best Free College Basketball Streaming Sites To Watch NCAA Basketball Online in 2023

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For the next few months, the best college basketball teams from across the country will battle it out on courts across the United States.

Luckily, you’ve landed in the right place to find out how to live stream college basketball, all the way to March Madness and the National Championship, from the comfort of your own living room or wherever else you happen to be.

College BasketballLast season, the De’Andre Hunter-led Virginia Cavaliers became national champions after defeating Texas Tech 85-77 in an overtime win. Can the Cavaliers win back-to-back championships?

According to preseason polls, the Michigan State Spartans start in first place to win this year’s National Championship followed by the Kentucky Wildcats, Duke Blue Devils and Memphis Tigers. Though a lot can happen as the season progresses, and then there’s the March Madness in the spring!

If you’re rooting for your favorite school or any of the teams in all 32 NCAA tournament this season, Ditching will show you how to live stream every college basketball game this season, so you don’t miss a minute of the action.

If you are here, surely you want to know how to watch NCAA basketball live from anywhere.

And it is that watching NCAA live is a delight for all sports fans, both for seeing the young talent and for the children of former NBA stars who play in college basketball. But as you probably know, it can be difficult to get free NCAA basketball online outside of North America.

If that’s the case, don’t worry. Here you can learn a safe and simple way to watch NCAA online to enjoy the best of college basketball. Keep going down!

Watch College Basketball Live

Watching NCAA live is not a problem as long as you live in the United States, but it is difficult for non-American (or Canadian, at most) channels to allow you to watch NCAA online outside of these territories, due to copyright restrictions. transmission.

So if you want to watch NCAA basketball online, whether it’s the current games or the March Madness tournament starting in March 2022, there are some shortcuts to take.

Movistar usually broadcasts some matches or fragments, but it is not an option to watch NCAA basketball online in depth. For this reason, to enjoy watching NCAA basketball live and in detail, the best alternative is American channels.

Best VPNs to Watch NCAA Basketball Live

Now that you know that all you need to watch NCAA live is a VPN, let me tell you that not every provider works well.

As the process of comparing different VPNs can be long, tedious and expensive, we have done it for you. These are the best VPNs to watch NCAA live, which have scored the highest in our comparison and are totally reliable:

  • ExpressVPN 2022
  • NordVPN
  • SurfSharkVPN
  • Atlas VPN 2022
  • PrivateVPN

Best Free Channels To Watch College Basketball Online Free

If none of this is your problem, then here are the best trusted websites where you can watch college basketball online for free in 2022.


Sportsurge is a free online sports streaming website. You can stream free sports in Boxing, MMA, Car Sports, ncaa basketball scores, ncaa football, and Basketball. To watch NCAA basketball online for free with Sportsurge, you choose basketball.

This will show you the NFL, CFB, and XFL option options. NFL is what you want to click if you are interested in watching college basketball online for free.

When you click NFL, you get over a dozen free links where you can stream NCAA basketball live online. These links are ranked by their resolution, bitrate, coverage, compatibility and number of ads.

So with your smartphone, you’ll be able to stream live basketball in great resolutions with minimal ads.


Stream2Watch is a live sports streaming site that brings together streams from various other sites.

It features broadcasts of baseball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, netball, and other sports. It’s pretty comprehensive and there’s a good chance you’ll find the game you’re looking for.

Like many sites that embed streams from external sources, you may encounter invasive and misleading pop-up ads on Stream2Watch.

Using a good ad blocker will help keep you safe, but you may still see ads overlaid on some videos.

The best solution is to try to close each ad and immediately click the browser again if you are sent to another page.


Cricfree is a sports streaming site that specializes in cricket, but also streams other sports like baseball, basketball, and soccer.

It’s another site that provides embedded videos that are hosted elsewhere, so beware of deceptive and invasive pop-up ads, even if you have an ad blocker installed.


Bosscast is another site that features live sports streams from various sources. Coverage is pretty good, so you can usually expect to find the stream you’re looking for.

Unlike most other sports streaming sites, Bosscast requires Flash. This means that if you want to watch live sports on this site, you need to install Flash and then allow it to run on the site.

If you prefer not to open yourself up to the vulnerabilities associated with Flash, then Bosscast is a site of last resort for when you can’t find your sport anywhere else.


BuffStreams is one of those free online sports streaming websites that has undergone a series of name changes.

BUFFSTREAMS was the latest name from, If there is a live online streaming website to watch any kind of sports at all including college basketball, then BuffStreams is that website.

BuffStreams is arguably the best layout with its visually pleasing icons for all sports. In addition to the NCAA’s live basketball stream.

you’ll find hockey, ncaa softball, tennis, basketball, and even motorsports in BuffStreams. But of course, be careful about the popups and avoid downloading anything for the sake of malware.

NCAA Basketball Streams: Final Word

It’s unfortunate that you have to miss your favorite NCAA college basketball game because you’re under way or because you can’t afford the cost of cable TV.

However, there are websites where you can follow your favorite game online but most of them are no different from cable TV as they would require you to pay subscription fees.

Still, without all the hopes of flushing college basketball online, there are many Web sites with free live streaming services. More Update on iTechBook.

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