How much Netflix cost per month in USA, UK And Canada in 2023

In this digital era online streaming is the best and suitable and time consuming platform that is why people may prefer streaming site rather than watching cable TV. We can’t survive a single day without entertainment. The best alternate of entertainment is movies, TV shows or web series.  Lots of streaming platform is available to watch movies, TV shows or web series but Netflix is the best among all. Netflix is the most popular online demanding streaming platform. Netflix provides lot of web series, movies, TV shows. Netflix streaming is the best valuable alternate for entertainment enjoy.

netflix price

After Hulu, Netflix is the second most video streaming sites with almost 148 Million subscribers (Out of 148 Million 60 Million from United State Since 2019) which including paid and free subscription. Netflix Inc. decided they should stop free subscription from February 2020. American most popular media service Netflix Inc. established at Los Gatos, California in 1997.

Netflix is the American DVD and streaming platform. Netflix is not free as like others driving side Amazon streaming or Hulu and the price of Netflix is different according to currency difference with country to country. The people from Canada or USA or in UK are many time ask to know the price of Netflix. Hare this article you are deeply disturbed how the Netflix cost was every month in your country. Also Check – How To Get Netflix Student Discount

Netflix Features

The concepts of Netflix subscription plain and price first introduce in 1999. Netflix is the huge streaming site where you can stream unlimited entertaining web series with HD to ultra HD quality, you can download any series, movies and supported in also every device like iOS, Android and in PC also. Currently Netflix lunched the new Netflix subscription plains of mobile device also. Netflix also provide you one month free subscription for Netflix new users. To get one free subscription you need to sign up Netflix account. Netflix still provide DVD and Blu-ray discs through mail but which only available only in United State of America.

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How much Netflix cost per month

Netflix cost varies country to country. Netflix provided three types of subscription plain of Basic, Stranded and Premium and the price is very according to your plain from $8.99 to $15.99.

Netflix Basic Plain pros

  1. HD video quality
  2. Watch mobile phone or Tablet
  3. access on PC or TV
  4. At the same time one device is supported
  5. Steam unlimited TV shows and movies and you can canceled subscription any time


  1. 4K+HDR + Full HD video quality unavailable
  2. More than One user not valid

Netflix Slandered Plain pros

  1. Stream HD video quality
  2. Watch two users at the same time
  3. No limitation of movies and TV shows
  4. Stream any where mobile, tablet, laptop


  1. 4K+HDR not supported
  2. More than two user not valid

Netflix Premium Plain pros

  1. Stream HD and ultra HD quality
  2. Four device supported at the same time
  3. Unlimited movies and TV shows


Netflix Premium Plain is the best plain of Netflix, so don’t find any drawback in this plain.

Netflix cost per month in USA, UK, Australia And Canada in 2023

Country Netflix Basic Plain Price Netflix Slandered Plain Price Netflix Basic Plain Price
USA $7.99 $10.99 $13.99
Canada $9 $11 $14
UK €5.99 €7.99 €9.99
India ₹ 499 ₹ 649 ₹ 799
Australia $9.99 $13.99 $ 17.99

Netflix DVD & Blu-Ray discs Plain

Along with online streaming platform Netflix still provide DVD by mail. Out of two DVD plain use can subscribe only one plain streaming plain. In $7.99 Netflix offer unlimited rents with only one dice per month. In $11.99 Netflix give you two dice per month with unlimited stream movies and TV shows in stander plain. For Blu-Ray discs cost per month is 9.99$ for one dice and $13.99 per month for two dices.

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Netflix DVD Plains and Price per Month

Starter Plan Standard Plan Premier Plan
$4.99 $7.99 $11.99

Netflix Blu-Ray discs Plain and Price per Month

Starter Plan Standard Plan Premier Plan
$5.99 $9.99 $14.99


Final Words

So that is all about Netflix plains and price per month in USA, UK, Canada and Australia both for streaming services and DVD & Blu-Ray discs Plain according to current time but those price are also little bit vary some time. There is a bad news for Netflix users Netflix announce after15th January 2020 all the Netflix price is hike up to 13% to 18%. Although Netflix is the number one online streaming site according to quality and popularity base.

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