Free 10+ Best NHL Streams Sites to Watch Live NHL Online on Mobile

NHL streams: Now you able to watch the NHL online and live is something that lovers of this beautiful sport yearn for every time they sit in front of the television. As we all know, Hockey is a fairly well-known sport worldwide, and is in fact one of the most played within the United States and Canada, with the NHL being one of the most important sporting events, among others, in these countries.

nhl streams

For this reason, we have compiled here the 10 best websites to watch the NHL online, both official and free, so you don’t miss a single game of the season:

Top 10 Best Services for NHL Live Stream Free Online in 2023

nhl streams

Top 6 Best Free sites to watch NHL hockey online

Now that we have already talked about some official platforms to watch hockey online, we are going to show you something that will surely interest you, we are talking about the best pages to watch the NHL online for free whenever and wherever you want.

The main advantage offered by the pages that we will show you below is that they are free, you will not need to pay any monthly subscription or any type of fee to be able to enjoy your favorite games from the most important hockey league in the world.

Unfortunately, a large part of the pages that transmit this type of sports are in English, so we warn you about it once and for all.

Do not worry, for the most part, these pages have a fairly simple interface, so you will not have any major difficulties even when they are not in Spanish.


A reason to start with ? Yes, and it is a page dedicated 100% to hockey; in it you will have access to all the hockey games in real time .

The only problem is that the page is too simple, in fact, practically the only thing you can do is watch hockey online and that’s it.

Of course, this simplicity also makes the page very easy to use, since its interface is very intuitive and easy to understand , so as soon as you enter you’ll know what you should do if you want to enjoy hockey games online.

Now, among its good points we can highlight that they have a decent transmission quality , and although they do not always have an HD option available, they will not disappoint you with a difficult to understand blurry video.

On the other hand, it does not have a sports calendar, so you will have to look for the date and time of the matches in other sources outside of this page.

Although if we remove these negative points, it is an excellent page to watch the NHL online . As a bonus, it must be said that this page has very little advertising that interrupts the viewing of the transmission.

  • Roja Directa

Roja Directa is a page where you will be able to find an incredible variety of sports channels , and this page is characterized by transmitting several of the most famous sports channels in the world, among which we find, for example, Fox Sports, ESPN or DIRECTV.

Best of all, it does it for free.

It is a very easy page to understand thanks to its simple interface and its main menu, through which you will find everything you are looking for.

Daily, on the main page of Roja Directa, you will find a large list with all the sporting events scheduled for the day. This list is updated every day so it will always show the sporting events of the day along with a link so you can enjoy the broadcast.

Among the sports that you can enjoy on this page is hockey, including all its leagues and tournaments.

However, once you know the day, you can mark it on the calendar, and once you arrive you will see that Roja Directa will have it on its list of sporting events for the day.

The quality of the broadcast will generally depend on the sport you are watching and the option or mirror that the page has taken you to. However, you should know that in the vast majority of cases the quality is decent , and in others you can even enjoy HD video quality.

  • Batman Stream

We cannot make a list of the best sites for NHL online without including Batman Stream , because this legendary site has been offering its users a free and quality alternative to watch multiple sports online for a long time, being one of the best known in various parts of the world, including Spain.

On this occasion, we are happy to say that hockey is no exception, and in Batman Stream you will be able to watch hockey online for free with one of the best qualities that free sites have available.

Among the advantageous points we can highlight its simple interface that means that language is not a barrier when using the website; Another advantage is that it has little annoying advertising , so you won’t have to worry about some annoying pop-up popping up mid-stream and interrupting your experience.

Finally, the page offers you a wide variety of options or mirrors when broadcasting hockey games, so you will always have a second option in case there is a problem with the main one.

Among the free pages on this list, this is one of the ones we recommend the most, due to its simplicity, the time it has offered its streaming service and the security it offers its users. A simply wonderful option for everyone who loves to watch hockey online.

Since we are talking about greats like Batman Stream , we also have to talk about Stream2Watch , another page that has become famous in the world of streaming sporting events.

And it is that when it comes to the transmission of sporting events, Stream2Watch concentrates an incredible variety of links and mirrors from which you can enjoy your favorite sporting events, and among them we can include watching the NHL online, since ice hockey is one of the sports that you can find on this page.

You must bear in mind that, although Stream2Watch is not a page that offers direct streaming, it is responsible for collecting as many links as possible so that you can enjoy the event you want , in this way you will always have an option available in in case your first choice fails.

The best thing is that the vast majority of options you find on this page have a more than decent transmission quality, both in streaming and in audio and video.

If you have no idea where to watch hockey online, Stream2Watch can be a good option to check out; however, we do recommend that you check a sports calendar first to find out the dates of the games, since the page lacks one.

  • FromHot’s

Our next post is something similar to Stream2Watch ; It is FromHot’s , a not so well-known option to find free online sports broadcasts.

On this page you can find the best NHL events and with a wide variety of options or mirrors from where you can enjoy free online hockey games.

While it doesn’t have its own streaming service, FromHot’s does have a wide variety of links from which you can watch hockey online, and just like 8th place, the quality of these streams is usually decent at best , with a great picture . video and excellent audio.

One of the few negatives we see from FromHot’s is that the page can be a bit more complicated to understand than Stream2Watch , which together with the language of the website, which is not Spanish, makes it easy to get confused.

Even so, it is worth taking a look around this page in case you do not find another option, you can always be pleasantly surprised.

  • NHL Stream

Finally, in the last position of our list of the best pages to watch the NHL online for free, we find NHL Stream , a website similar to in the sense that it focuses mainly on the transmission of hockey-related events. .

However, it is still possible to enjoy other events such as the NBA, WWE, Boxing or NASCAR, for example.

Without a doubt, NHL Stream is one of the most recommended options to watch hockey online for free , with excellent transmission quality and multiple options or mirrors in case the main one fails.

4 Best Paid Sites to watch NHL hockey online

Before moving on to the free pages, we want to show you some of the platforms that will allow you to enjoy all the NHL games live and in the best quality.

Additionally, many of these platforms have the option to install them on your mobile devices , so you won’t have to be on your computer to enjoy the broadcast of the matches.

Where else to watch hockey online if not on the official NHL website?

At you can enjoy the best streaming service in terms of NHL games, with its, you can enjoy all the games of the season with the best quality, wherever and whenever you want.

Not only does it allow you to enjoy live games, but it also offers all its users the possibility to enjoy any game at any time with its On-Demand service, giving you the opportunity to Catch up if you’ve missed a match.

In addition, being an official service, you will have at your disposal news, interviews and news from your favorite teams whenever you want, you will never be uninformed again when your friends ask you.

As for the quality of its streaming there is not much to say, simply wonderful, in few places will you find a streaming quality as impeccable as that of , with the best image and audio quality available.

The best? The best thing is its price, without a doubt, and that is that you can subscribe to this service by paying a base cost of only $4.99 or what would be approximately €4.46.

The only point against it is that, being an official service of the NHL, a North American league, the language available is English, so if you don’t know it, it will be a bit difficult for you to understand.

But don’t worry, it has a fairly intuitive interface and is so easy to use that with just a little searching you’ll be able to learn how to handle it perfectly.

You can also enjoy this service on your mobile or other devices.

To access this service, you must subscribe directly from the NHL website .

  • Fox Sports

The Fox television network is known for many reasons, not only for its legendary series like The Simpsons or for its many movies, but also for its participation in the sports field.

And it is that few people do not currently know Fox Sports , one of the largest and most famous sports transmission networks in the world.

From online basketball to boxing, this network broadcasts virtually any sport, and hockey is no exception.

From Fox Sport you can watch the NHL online whenever and wherever you want, being one of the best official options to watch hockey online .

Another of the great advantages that Fox Sports offers you is that it not only offers its streaming service to watch the NHL online, but you can also watch the games of many other different sports, be it the NBA, the MBL, the NFL or even NASCAR races, you will be able to enjoy some of the biggest sporting events in the world.

And best of all, you can enjoy all sports with a single monthly subscription.

Now, there is a slight complication to watch the NHL from Fox Sports, and that is that you can only do it if you watch it from the United States, however, it is nothing to worry about, since you can still enjoy the service being in Spain always that you use a VPN to connect as if you were in the United States.

On the other hand, and although some games are available for free, you will need to pay a monthly subscription that is $24.99 dollars , which would be approximately €21.90.

  • Eurosport

We cannot talk about official platforms and leave aside one of the giants of Europe in the sports field, Eurosport, and it is that from the official Eurosport website you can watch the NHL online, having access to the best games of the season and all the information you need to know about it.

On the other hand, Eurosport also offers a wide variety of sports content that you can enjoy, and not just hockey, so with your subscription you can enjoy the best sports leagues in one place and always with the highest quality.

As for the subscription , this platform has different plans that start at € 6.99 per month ; although there are cheaper options such as its €3.99 per month plan with the condition that your subscription is for a full 12 months or, if you prefer, you can pay your full annual subscription for only €39.99 per year.

With these rates, Eurosport becomes one of the cheapest official platforms to watch hockey online that we have shown you, perhaps the cheapest if we consider its annual plans.

  • bet365

To finish our section of official platforms we have selected a very peculiar option that we would like to show you.

This is bet365, a betting and games of chance platform in general in which you can participate in an active way beyond just enjoying the game.

And it is that at bet365 you can not only watch hockey online but also participate in bets that will allow you to earn additional money with the matches you watch.

Right now you are probably wondering how bet365 allows you to watch NHL games, and the answer to that question is that the platform offers its active users the possibility to watch the different games of the season , a measure that will help you to monitor the results of the match in real time and thus know if your bets are correct.

Now, despite what it may seem, the quality of the bet365 broadcasts is surprisingly good , both in audio and video, so it will be like watching an official streaming page, with the difference that you can place bets on it.

Therefore, always remember to exercise caution when participating in bet365 sports betting.

We would even say that you use this option only if your objective is to bet or if you cannot use any of the previous options, since it is just that, a betting platform that allows you to watch NHL broadcasts , not a platform exclusively for streaming.

Conclusion nhl streams

Well, the National Hockey League is the largest national hockey league in North America, a league that has been playing officially since 1917 in Canada and that in 1924 gradually included new franchises from the United States.

Today the participating teams in this league are made up of players from all over the United States and Canada and even from other countries such as Russia, Sweden, Finland or the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, despite the fact that the league was initially Canadian, currently most of the teams are from the United States.

Not only is it considered one of the four largest sports leagues in the United States, but it is also considered by the International Ice Hockey Federation as the most important competition in the world.

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