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SportSurge – Best Free Sports Streaming Sites like Sport Surge in 2023

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SportSurge is a live sports streaming sites that broadcasts live sports from around the world. Predominantly live sports streaming sites like Sport Surge are extremely important as soccer, baseball; cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, wrestling, etc. are always on every corner of this planet.

The following websites are where you can enjoy the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, cricket, badminton, rugby, NBA, NFL and more like sports surge.


The sports fanatics are always in need of free and reliable sources to watch live sports online. And I’ll try to fulfill that wish in this post by listing some of the best live streaming sites to watch sports online. Watching illegal streams without authorization is a crime and you can land in jail. Click Here to Watch Anime Online With Animekisa.

About Sportsurge

Sportsurge is one of the leading portals to find sports streams from the most popular games such as Collage Football, NBA, MLB, NFL, MotoGP, and F1. Sportsurge provides its audience with top quality links which they can use to stream the content in HD quality.

Earlier Sportsurge was just restricted to NBA, NFL, and MLB. However, they have expanded their reach and now you can find football, F1, MotoGP and UFC on there as well.

Sports Streaming Sites Like Sportsurge to Watch Sports Online Free

Most people still rely on cable or satellite television services to watch live sports or to broadcast live.

Surprisingly, there are many other reliable services that can be used to stream free sports live. So these are some of the best free sports streaming sites worth checking out.


The first and one of the most popular free live sports streaming venues on the list is ESPN. You can easily stream many major sports to ESPN and most of the content is available in HD. ESPN allows users to watch live sports streams and streams. Additionally, ESPN also provides detailed updates on ongoing sporting events.

As for the drawbacks, ESPN is only available to US residents. Also, some games require a valid cable or satellite subscription.


Laola1 is a popular live sports streaming website based in Austria. You can watch soccer, ice hockey, motorsports, table tennis, handball, and many other sports through this free sports streaming website. Laola1 has a clean user interface and the video player is very well developed.

Aside from live broadcasts, Laola1 also shows score and schedule updates for different sporting events. As for the downsides, most of the content on Laola1 is based on sporting events in Austria. That being said, you can still enjoy many sporting events in your region.

SonyLIV Sports

SonyLIV sports is another popular website for free live sports streaming and it can stream soccer, cricket, tennis, basketball, and WWE. Apart from sports broadcasting, SonyLIV also has a dedicated section for sports event news and updates. Once you get the paid subscription, the service offers personalized content.

SonyLIV has a very well developed user interface and the quality of the videos is also impressive. Apart from sports, SonyLIV can also be used to watch movies and TV shows. Overall, it is a perfect website for broadcasting major sporting events.

Yahoo Sports

The last website on the list is not actually a sports streaming site, but it can be used to keep up to date on different sports. Yahoo Sports offers regularly updated scores for various international sporting events. With Yahoo Sports you can comment on different posts and even interact with other sports enthusiasts.

Overall, Yahoo Sports is a perfect website for those who don’t prefer to sit and watch sports.

Fox Sports

The next best free live sports streaming website on the list is Fox Sports. Well, you can see all the major sports leagues on Fox Sports. Different sports or games have a section dedicated to Fox Sports. In addition to live sports streaming, Fox Sports also publishes detailed articles based on sports news.

Fox Sports allows users to watch soccer, badminton, WWE, motorsports, tennis, combat sports, basketball, and many other sports. This sports streaming website offers reliable streaming speeds and the quality of the videos is impressive too.

Reddit Sports Streaming 

Reddit can also be used to watch free live sports broadcasts. This popular social media service does not host live sports broadcasts, but you can definitely find unofficial links to replay sports events on different subredits. To be sure, there is a subnet for almost every sport out there.

Users can easily share links to unofficial sources to see all the major sporting events. As for the disadvantages, not all the links on the platform are reliable and some can even end up being an annoying advertisement.


As the name of this website suggests, it helps users stay up to date on national and international cricket events. Crickbuzz isn’t actually a sports streaming website, but you can definitely watch game previews, funny moments, and post-Cricbuzz shows.

This popular website offers detailed updates and news on any cricket event in the world. Overall it is a reliable website for quick score updates and works perfectly even on low speed internet connections.

Facebook Watch Sports Online 

Yes, Facebook can be used as a free live sports streaming venue. That said, it is not possible to find all sports and all events on Facebook. To watch your favorite sport, simply search for it as “Soccer”. Now select the video section. In addition, you can even enjoy live sports broadcasts by selecting Live from the source filter.

Facebook has a very well developed video player that optimizes the quality of the videos according to your internet speed. As mentioned above, you won’t be able to see all sporting events on Facebook.

VIP League

VIP League is another perfect website for live sports streaming. In contrast, the aforementioned VIP League sports streaming sites are available in approximately seven international languages. The VIP League offers a large number of very well classified sports in different sections.

As for the downsides, the ads on VIP League may annoy some users. Also, you need to sign up for a free account to watch live sporting events in the VIP league. Overall, VIP League is an impressive website and its smart features definitely outweigh the downsides.


The next most reliable website to stream sports for free is HotStar. This free sports streaming site has gained immense popularity due to its many features. Well, you don’t have to sign up for the service and right away you can see live streams and streams of your favorite sports. HotStar is very important in the Indian region.

Different sports such as football, cricket, table tennis, hockey and many others have sections dedicated to Hotstar. As for the downsides, the free HotStar account delays the live stream for a few minutes. Overall, HotStar is a perfect sports streaming venue offering HD content.

End Liner SportSurge

These were some of the best free sports streaming sites like Sportsurge. You can easily replay your favorite sporting event or check the scoring updates through these websites. Share any other reliable sports streaming venue in the comment section below. More Update on iTechBook.

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