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Watch TV Shows Online Free: Knowing where to Watch TV Series Online with free TV streaming sites safely can give you many hours of fun, without paying money and without putting your computer at risk. At present, series are one of the favorite entertainment alternatives of the new generations.

There’s nothing more relaxing than taking an afternoon off, snuggling into bed with your favorite treats, and watching a marathon from one of your favorite series.

Watch TV Shows OnlineIf you do not have Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, or another platform for paid series, but still want to enjoy watching series of the best quality, this article will save your life.

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Best Websites to Watch TV Series Online

Before getting into the subject, you need to know how these pages work so that you can use them correctly. This clarification is valid because those who are new to the subject believe that these pages are full of viruses and are afraid to expose their computer.

You should know that many of the pages that promise free series are potential threats. However in our selection of web pages to watch series we have verified that they work and those they do not endanger your computer. Click Here to Watch Anime Online With anime streaming sites.

How to Watchseries Online from Your Computer at No Cost

To see the series on these pages you must bear in mind the following:

  • Enter the website to see selected series.
  • Find the series of your preference.
  • Choose the chapter you are going to watch and the language.
  • Click on load, a pop-up window will appear, close the pop-up window and hit “Play” again. (Normally these pop-up windows will appear up to 3 or 4 times, all you have to do is close all the windows that appear)
  • When the series begins you give it “Pause”, let it load for 5 minutes and then you can enjoy the entire chapter without interruptions.

The pop-up windows that appear are advertising. This is what gives the pages some income, considering that they are free options.

Yes now! What we came to! These are our website recommendations for watching TV series.

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Top 15 best websites to watch free TV series online Checked

Cmovies (Watch tv Shows Online Free Streaming)

Let’s go with what is probably the best website to watch online series of the entire list: Cmovies or the old White Series. It is as easy as entering your favorite series in the search engine and, when we have selected the season and the chapter that we want to see, press play. It should be noted that the episodes are usually available in multiple languages.

There are not too many links, but the advertising that we will find even the player is almost nil and the latest releases are, almost always, in HD quality and Full HD 1080p. Little by little, Cmovies is becoming the favorite of users.

Movidy (Watch Series Online)

After the closure of some web pages, Pordede and Plusdede had become great alternatives, but with the arrival of Megadede administrators have limited themselves to offering a mobile application to enjoy the series on the same device, or through Chromecast. Xdede took up the name again to offer a simple page but with an enviable catalog, and now the domain has been moved to Movidy.co

Although the web to watch series has suffered the odd drop, Movidy is a reliable page where you will find chapters of almost any series. In any case, what makes this page interesting is the possibility of listening to the soundtrack through some links that appear below the player.

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Seriesw (Watch tv Shows Online)

The catalog is not the widest and the design is not the most beautiful, but the links usually work and we can also read several reviews of the series that we are seeing to contrast opinions.

If you are able to locate your favorite series, rest assured that the new episodes will be available on Seriesw shortly after its premiere on TV.

DixMax (Free tv Streaming Sites)

If you want to keep up to date with your favorite series, there is nothing better than DixMax. Perhaps many back down when verifying that it requires a previous registration, but the form is very simple and, once registered, allows us to mark the series seen, the pending series and those that we have already finished. You can also create series lists to share with other users.

When a new chapter comes out, we will receive a notification and we will be able to select between several links, all of them with a quality of 720p and 1080p. On the contrary, it does not have its own player, so it is possible that the advertising bothers us before we can see the chapter at once.

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Popcorn-Time (Watchseries Online)

We know the article is about web pages, but if you want a mobile application with which you can watch series (much better if you can connect your mobile to the TV) do not hesitate to download Popcorn-Time.

This platform is presented as the free alternative to Netflix and enjoys enormous popularity in countries such as the United States, due to its catalog and its wide compatibility.

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Cuevana3 (Stream tv Shows Free)

Up to three versions of Cuevana have existed, a page that has been improving its design and functionality to become one of the best to watch series.

In Cuevana3, you can enjoy the latest episodes of your favorite fictions without the need to register, although if you do, you can mark the series you follow and receive a notice when a new chapter is released. The bad: some of the most popular series are only available in their original version with subtitles.

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SeriesCube (Watch You Online Free)

Along with Series24 and DixMax, the most recommended option on the list. The main page allows us to identify, at a glance, the latest releases of the most popular series according to the platform, such as Game of Thrones on HBO, Stranger Things on Netflix or The Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

The links are always in good quality and we will rarely find a broken one, although it is true that the download options are rather nil.

The best thing about SeriesCube is that it has hardly any advertising and that we can see the chapter without closing the web page and without closing annoying pop-up advertising windows. In short, an option to take into account whenever we go to watch series online.

SeriesCat (Watch tv Shows Online Free Streaming)

SeriesGato is not the most intuitive website to watch series online, but it fulfills what is just and necessary if we find our favorite series in the catalog.

We will have to close an advertising pop-up window, but once we are viewing the chapter, everything works perfectly and without cuts.

Seriespepito (Watchseries Alternative)

In 2014, the National Police ordered the arrest of Seriespepito administrators, in an attempt by the Spanish justice system to end digital piracy.

Far from being forgotten, the veteran website has reopened with the ‘.plus’ domain, with a huge number of links from each chapter. Thus, we will find all the language and quality options, to watch in streaming or download.

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Miracula (Watch tv Shows Online Free Reddit)

One of the best methods to learn English or improve the language is to watch series in its original version and with subtitles. In this sense, Miracula is a simple and functional option that allows us to see subtitled chapters of our favorite series, and also in a quality that does not usually go below 720p.

Fanpelis (Watchserieshd)

Despite its name, Fanpelis also has a section to watch series for free. It may not have the most extensive catalog, but we will find the most popular fictions of the moment without any problem.

To be honest, the variety of links is not the best either, so we may not find the audio or quality we want.

Vidcorn (Watch Series tv)

Another option to watch series on the Internet and for free is Vidcorn, a modest website with a considerable catalog. Those who want to keep track of their favorite series or create lists will need to complete a registration, which will take no more than five minutes.

A reliable option in case the others do not satisfy us. Watch Bollywood and Hollywood Full Movies Online Free

Justwatch (Watch Series Stream)

We now present a couple of options that always work and that have all the chapters available from almost any series a few hours after its official premiere. What is the main drawback? That the pages are in English and, therefore, you can only see them in their original version or subtitled in English.

The first option, and the most reliable, is the veteran JustWatch, which also has a bar with all the streaming platforms that exist, including Disney +, Mubi or Apple TV Plus.

Movierulz(Project Free tv Reddit)

Another of the series web pages that had to be reinvented after its closure is movierulz, which has now changed to thenew domain. The interface is not the most organized, but with a few steps we can see the latest premieres of the top series of the moment, and all without having to swallow advertising windows.

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WatchSeries (The Series Online)

Another option in English in case you don’t want to wait for the dubbing. As in the previous case, WatchSeries is the fastest and most efficient alternative, although the layout of the main page is somewhat more chaotic.

AnimeFLV.net (Watch New Release Movies Online Free Without Signing up)

If you are one of those looking for a good page to watch your favorite anime series, one of the best options today is AnimeFLV.net. It has a very wide catalog and each anime has a summary to give you an idea of the plot. On the other hand, we can find a bar with the anime on air.

Of course, all the chapters uploaded to this page are subtitled in Spanish, even a few days after its premiere in Japan. There is no better way to keep up with anime.

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End Liner Free live TV streaming sites

Finally, we remind you that to access any of the pages to watch free series, all you have to do is type the address in the browser and it will take you to the desired website. Now you never decipointaed for watch TV series online with free TV streaming sites. Now you just need to start your series marathon. Enjoy it! More Update on iTechBook.

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