Want to Increase Your Salary? First, Earn CompTIA Network+ Certification

We all want these lucrative dream jobs that can transform our lives, and the IT sector seems to be very promising in that area. Lots of IT professionals are looking to earn the CompTIA Network+ credential for its awesome job prospects! For you to know, the Network+ professionals get an average salary of $66,311 according to PayScale.

Ever wondered about the highest-paying positions in the IT networking Industry that the Network+ allows you to work in?In this article, we are sharing with you five of the most prestigious and profitable jobs that you should definitely keep an eye for if you have the Network+ badge.

#1 Network Engineer

With a quick search on ZipRecruiter, we found that Network Engineers seem to be making$90,926 a year, with the more experienced making over $140,000.Wowza! As a Network Engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining and administering networks, including systems software, hardware, and configurations. A part of your job might also include performing disaster recovery and data backups.

#2 Network Analyst

According toCertbolt ZipRecruiter, a Network Analyst makes an average salary of $76,647 per year. As a Network Analyst, your responsibilities are endless! Not only will you be responsible for installing and maintaining network components, but you will alsobe in charge of planning, designing and analyzing networks, as well as providing technical support. Lots of responsibilities you bet, but hey, thepay is REAL good!

#3 Network Administrator

Per ZipRecruiter, Network Administrators seem to earn $69,182/year. And if you are more experienced in the field, you will be able to earn over $100,000. Network administrators’ main responsibility is maintaining computer networks. They install and configure computer networks and systems and solve any problems that might arise within these systems.

#4Security Specialist

According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary for a security specialist is $52,456 a year, with the more experienced earning around $136,500! Security specialists with networking knowledge are preferred by companies since networking is an essential part of IT security.ExamSnap.comIn case you already have the Security+ badge, getting the Network+ credential will be a huge plus for you when you apply for jobs. But also know that there are a number of Network+ professionals who work in IT security without having the Security+ certification because the Network+ badge covers a large portion of security as well.

#5 Network Technician

Per ZipRecruiter, Network technicians make an average salary of $50,514 a year, with the more experienced making over $80,000. In this job, you will be responsible for installing networks, connections and cabling and troubleshooting the various system failures. Sometimes, you’ll be responsible for inspecting networks’ infrastructure and fixing minor or major issues, as well as backing up data when needed.

Top companies like Apple, Intel, Dell, and HP value this certification when recruiting networkprofessionals. Think of that if you are still not decided whether you should take it or not. Show employers that you have got what it takes by getting certified. Get your Network+ badge and change your career life forever!

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