Who Viewed My Facebook Profile Mostly in 2022?

Who viewed my Facebook profile?” It’s frequently asked very common question by Facebook users. Every FB users are very enthusiastic to know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile. In this practical tip, we will show you ‘How To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile 2020’.


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Viewed My Facebook Profile By ‘Social Profile View Notification’

  • Add ‘Social ‘Profile View Notification’ Chrome Extension page on google chrome
  • Now log in Facebook account
  • A new option “VISITOR” add to your screen
  • after that every single profile view you’ll get notification

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Find out Who Viewed My Facebook Profile with page source code

On the Internet, many Facebook users come across a method by which one can supposedly find out the last Facebook profile visitors with the page source code. However, there is no profile viewer behind this method. You will only find out who you chatted with last. Therefore, in most cases it is not surprising that you come across your Facebook friends. The method works as follows.

  • Log in to Facebook and open your profile then right-click on the white margin and select “Show Page Source Text”. Alternatively, you can also press [Ctrl] + [U].
  • open the search box with [Ctrl] + [F] and enter “InitialChatFriendsList” then press Enter.
  • Then copy any sequence of digits up to the hyphen.
  • Now go to your Facebook  without the quotes. Insert the numbers directly after the slash and press [Enter].
  • Now a friend’s profile will open. However, this is not the person who last viewed your profile, but a person who sent you a message. You can already see this from the search entry “Initial Chat Friends List”.
  • Tip: The whole thing only works if you are logged in. You cannot use this function to find out who your friends or strangers are in contact with. To do this, these people would have to log in.

Who Viewed My Facebook Profile : Final word

That’s all, now you can fix the problem and know who viewed your Facebook profile.  if you find any difficulty then know us by comment or contact us page. We hope you enjoy the article shear with your friends. Keep visiting our site for new tech updates.

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